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zzzzzzz naked


anyone has the habit of sleeping naked? read somewhere that girls shouldn't sleep naked cos they will be exposing their pussy to bacteria.. is that true?

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New Member
Well, I almost always sleep naked and I've never had any issues....
In my opinion, it's the best way to sleep! And it feels very freeing and natural....


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I read that somewhere too...i guess sleep with just your underwear on? I did hear it is super comfortable though :]
its legal to sleep naked but its unhealthy because lint can stick on and lint has bacteria u can get infections:sick::sick:


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lol well i heard that sleeping naked is good for you, and i also heard that when u sleep woth your panties it cuts of the circulation of your blood so its nice to let your body feel free. I dont sleep naked i just find it a tad weird lol :p
Well except for the cold weather and when am on my period (panties only) I love sleeping naked, I like the feeling of freedom! :)


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i don't think there is any problem to sleep naked if your bed is clean and you feel comfortable
but i prefer to sleep with my pajamas, even if it's hot


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I used to sleep naked, until i get caught to my roommate. She was like knocking on the door, I walked on door naked and tired, it was almost like sleepwalking, and well I don't want to do this again, i sleep with panties and top now.
I think it's natural, and if you have opportunity to sleep naked than do this ;)


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i always sleep with clothes on.
&& i would be kinda scared to sleep without clothes on. maybe with my shirt and bra off with panties on. i would be scared to get an infection or something :/


well, I don't have that habit but to be honest I uesd to taking naps naked after coming back from school I mean with my bra and knickers on and hell yeah they were the most comfortable naps ever , it makes you feel free and you can sleep deeply awww my body is creeping


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i do that very often, nearly always when i m over at my fiance s, nearly never when i visit my parents though ^^ never had any problems related to that.