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Your Opinon On..


New Member

Does it bother you, or are you fine with it?

I've never had much of a religious influence, and I can say that I'm pansexual. (So obviously, homosexuality doesn't bother me.)

I feel that you should be able to marry a person of the same sex, it's not hurting anyone is it? Sure it might be against your values, but I'm pretty sure beastiality is too, and that's legal in 23 states, while gay marriage is legal in 9 states. And I'm sure my opinon is biased, seeing that I'm pansexual, and have a gay mother. (Adoption is a wonderful thing, isn't it?)

If you feel a different way, why? I'd just like to see other people's perspectives on this topic.


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doesn't bother me at all! I support homosexual individuals. I actually posted a thread in the debate section, about homosexuals and heterosexuals.