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Yeast infection?

Hey so, I was worried about my vagina hurting and itching quite a bit especially at night so I did a little research and found out I most likely had a yeast infection I’m not gonna lie I don’t have the greatest sex education program at my school so I had heard about this but didn’t really know much so it worried me quite a bit. A couple days later I got up the courage to inform my mum another my thoughts and suprisingly it went pretty well, she just gave me some anti fungal cream which she already had. I have been using it morning and night since then and it seemed to be working really well but last night it got really itchy again, should I just carry on using the cream and hope it goes away?, talk to my mum again?, go and see a doctor? Or should I just save myself the embarrassment?, a little advice on anything I have covered here would be great, thanks! Xx