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Yeast infection?

Hey so, I was worried about my vagina hurting and itching quite a bit especially at night so I did a little research and found out I most likely had a yeast infection I’m not gonna lie I don’t have the greatest sex education program at my school so I had heard about this but didn’t really know much so it worried me quite a bit. A couple days later I got up the courage to inform my mum another my thoughts and suprisingly it went pretty well, she just gave me some anti fungal cream which she already had. I have been using it morning and night since then and it seemed to be working really well but last night it got really itchy again, should I just carry on using the cream and hope it goes away?, talk to my mum again?, go and see a doctor? Or should I just save myself the embarrassment?, a little advice on anything I have covered here would be great, thanks! Xx


Staff member
Just to be on the safe side, I'd see a doctor. (They're used to seeing patients who experience what you're going through.) They can run some tests and find out exactly what's going on, especially as your vagina is hurting.

If you're sexually active, it's good to see a gynecologist regularly. Even if your partner wears a condom, they can break. So unless you know your partner very well, he could have an STD and not even realize it himself - and give the sexually transmitted disease to you.

See the trouble us poor women sometimes go through when we want to please our man! :oops::D
Good luck, hon.

sandy brady

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you sound like you have a great relationship with your mum, i advise approaching her again and explaining the solution. If you are both still confused then deffo approach a doctor like Christine said, just to be on the safe side.

its NOT embarrassing! it is a natural thing you experience and you are wise to have asked your mother! a female body is complex and its ph balance is delicate, its best to be sure and safe by checking with a doctor x good luck