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Xbox be gone.


New Member
Last week i came up with a plan to stop the Xbox chaos that overwhelms my space, life and well being. After countless months of pleading with my boyfriend to prioritize his responsibilities and put the game aside, i finally took action and put a end to this problem. I know this is crazy and wrong, but i took the Xbox and most of its components into the garage to be destroyed. I put all of it on the ground and was going to stomp the thing into a million pieces, when i thought to myself, give it another chance, but still make your point. So i decided to spare the console, but to make my point clear, i took out some aggression on the two controllers. When he got home. We had a good talk, and he even thanked me for saving the console. Things have been better around here. Property damage is never the answer, but if you ever come across a situation like mine, it could work for you. Put your foot down, lol.