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This is one common problem faced by most of the girls in today's world. There are also some injections to avoid wrinkles which I feel is utter waste. I rather would suggest you to eat healthy and fresh food, always try to be happy, do not loose your temper for each and every silly reasons. These are the natural ways to avoid wrinkles. One more interested point I read recently was to sleep on your back and sleep well!


Yeah, exactly right! Undergoing Surgeries or using injections to get rid of wrinkles is not advisable. Ladies can rather try using couple of the anti-wrinkle solutions available in the market. Besides, as we grow older, it is natural to have wrinkles. If you stay wrinkle-less even when you are 60 and call yourself 20, who is gonna believe that anyways :D
Be yourself, Be natural! That is what I follow.
Another good piece of advice is: Don't smoke! Smoking is a huge contributing factor to wrinkles. A young woman, with a smooth and unlined complexion would never believe in a million years that cigarettes will ruin her complexion. She just can't see the damage she's doing on a daily basis. But slow but sure, the cigarettes will accelerate the aging process - giving you rough and unattractive skin which quickly turns fine lines into deeper wrinkles, especially around the mouth and eyes. Wrinkles, stinky breath and clothes - nice!! :eek:


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You know what sucks? There is so much pressure on us women to stay looking young and fresh. However, men do not have as much pressure as we do. Just thought i would vent on that subject. Anyway here's another tip..wear sunscreen! The sun can cause alot of damage to your skin.


I agree with Angelina,aviod stressing out yourself and ensure you get lots of sleep. Good rest is a must have.
The sun does affect your skin, too much will burn your skin and cause it to look old and wrinkled.


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Even when we're concentrating on something, we'll often frown - so that's also something to think about.

And some people, when they talk, tend to raise their eyebrows - which, you guessed it, adds those horizontal stripes on the ol' forehead. Looking in the mirror when talking on the phone (or asking a friend to point out if we do these things) might prevent wrinkles in the years to come.

Losing a lot of weight can also give the appearance of wrinkles on our skin. :eek: :D

But when we do get wrinkles eventually, lets embrace them as "stripes" we earned by living a long (and hopefully fulfilling) life. ;)