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Would you want to be a fashion model?


I did some catwalk fashion modelling quite a few years ago. Just once - sort of an amateur fundraising night for a school event.

I tripped over.

I had to laugh. (Everybody else in the room did!)


PS. We raised enough money for the event. I like to think it was my performance that did it.


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No. It was never my dream ... Perhaps a designer of beautiful clothes .... Mmmm, I'll think about it.


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I've wanted to be a model for quite some time. LOL I've been scouted for it. I'm 6'2" long legged and naturally tan... but since I'm not size zero I never took it seriously... but now days modeling is much more inclusive. So I'd love to give it a try... I'd just need to figure out what style to model. :p


Staff member
It might depend on what jobs are available. For example, someone may be looking for a model to pose in certain outfits.

Just a friendly warning: you might like to take along a friend with you on photo shoots (and be careful of hidden cameras in changing rooms). Sometimes someone will advertise for a model for a "family friendly" ad/layout in a catalog - but when the model gets to the shoot, the photographer wants her to wear a bikini, revealing outfits, etc. and eventually maybe even pose nude. She's pressured into it (especially if she's alone), she's told "everyone does it", "it's just a part of being a model", "you're not a prude are you", "you won't get payed if you don't", etc. And she figures as she's already there, she might as well - even though she doesn't want to. But if someone is with her, they can speak up for her (especially if it's her brother, boyfriend, etc.)

Good luck, hon. :)