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Would you purchase fashion jewelry online?


New Member
Nowadays everything is digitized and everybody wants to save their time to go for shopping. Every woman love jewelry and never refuse to have it. I heard many positive aspects of shopping jewelry online. Contrary they have hard time feeling themselves wearing jewelry online.
Can anyone help to share your opinion?
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koa eden

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Most accessories I buy for myself are in person, I like to find special things. I have bought wholesale online to sell and for gifts.


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I buy most of my accessories online. Scarves are the easiest.
I don't have much jewelry (I'm also bad at wearing what I got), everything is gifts from my man (gold or bronze stuff) or stuff I found on ebay (usually plastic cheap stuff). I think I usually buy cheap stuff because I feel that I don't loose out if it's not a good fit, I just give them to my mothers daycare children to play with then.

Brittania Brown

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Hey I own an online accessories and jewelry store and I think it's a great way to find things and trends that are very trendy but rare , I personally love online shopping

Online shopping is quite easy than to buy from a shop. No time barrier. Browse anytime. Spend time as much as you can to select a design. I prefer Buying Jewellery Online. For now, Caratlane Jewellery are better as they provide modern designs at best price.
Never heard of them before
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I love online shopping but when I bought a ring online last year it's turned green, so i'm not too sure about buying jewellery anymore, but clothes, tights and other accessories are great!
I never feel like I know if the price I'm paying online is a good deal or not when it comes to Jewelry, but I do usually look online before shopping at a Jewelry store.


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No for jewelry I usually prefer going shop and buying it...after one bitter experience which I had to face regarding online jewelry purchasing the product appear on the screen was totally different in appearance as compared to the product we received.


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Why not? Online is always cheaper. Just recently got a cute wallet online and the quality exceeded my expectations. The core is to read reviews and to buy from reputable resources only.


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Yes Yes, I purchase almost everything online including jewellery for my girlfriend. I get them at a reasonable price as compared to the physical market. And yes a lot of options to choose from are there. So it's awesome :)