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Would you go in a burning building to say a pet?


This is a proper debate, answer what people are trying to say, select your choice true or aganist I am for for.

Pets have feeling and like we have so why not respect them?
Someone answer saying thats wrong!:)


I love pets.... esp dogs... But without any bias... i would definitely try 2 help the animal... Incase its too risky, and I am not able 2 get into the building, I would make it a point tht i call the rescue help, and get the poor thing out. Just that we need 2 act quickly.... and these animals are more brave than humans too.... They fight till the end!


You should never go into a burning buliding to save a pet, firemens are perfessionally trained for that and they will go in not you!
...Sorry,I'll disagree.I wont risk my life to go and safe that pet.Unless it's my pet.I know I sound selfish,but I am sure most of you will freak out in such situations.I am just being honest.

I mean,Who would go to a burning building? Why not call a fire brigade,it makes more sense. x]


I'd probably still be in there rofl!
But yeah, I'd go back in if it was my pet, or my friend's pet, the next door neighbours' dog can burn >=[


I own two dogs and a gecko. If my house was on fire I would try calling my dogs out first. My gecko is in a cage so I would try to get him out as I made my way out of the fire. The dogs would probably come with us as we got out of the house but if for some reason they don't, I'm not sure I would risk my life for them. I love them but I am a mom and a wife first and for my children to lose their mom over a dog would be silly. Yes my dogs are like family but I'm just saying I would not risk my life.


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If I had a pet, I'd go in.
If it was someone else's pet and they couldn't go in but asked me to, I would - and I'd try to keep myself safe. (Sometimes it takes a while for the fire department to arrive.)
Many people's pets are like family members/loved ones.


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I'd risked if I knew for sure where is the creature and how to get there safely. Though if the whole place was on fire... I'd convince the fireman to help out and serch for a pet, mabe rashed in to trigger them if they don't want to cooperate... It'd be heartbraking to let the poor thing to burn alive, it's terrible.