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Worst kind of doctor?

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What's your least favorite doctor to go to?

Mine would be the gynecologist. I just hate it! I don't go as often as I should because I hate it so much.

I know a lot of people hate the dentist but for me I actually like going to the dentist!


Well, I really don't like going to any kind of Doctor but the thing I most hate is having blood tests taken :yuck:

Fortunately I live in the UK and we only have to visit the gynecologist if there is something wrong.
Personally speaking ,I don't matter on going to any doctor. But the worst doctor in my ' A' list would be the pervert doctors! You know..Those doctors who pretends to be a doctor but ' checks ' you out instead of the disease you have.



My Doctor can be very rude to you as you have to be dying before he gives you any sympathy , my mum refuses to got to him now ,


Yep, the gynecologist all the way. I have actually passed out immediately after an exam. I guess from nerves or whatever. It's bad. I'd rather go to any other kind of doctor any day of the week!


I completely understand people's fears about seeing a gynaecologist, but we all need to remember that they're not there to hurt us or embarrass us, they're doing a very important job in helping to prevent many possible problems.

If you're not so keen on seeing a gynaecologist, you can visit a sexual health clinic and ask for tests. They'll help out, give you advice, counselling and they will always give you the option of seeing a female doctor. It doesn't matter who does the examination, you can always ask for a chaperone (it will be a female nurse) they're usually provided as a matter of course.

Don't put off having a smear test or mammogram when it's due - or any other health check! Put away the embarrassment - it could one day save your life.

Me? Not so keen on dentists... ;)

Omany Gurl

I hate the gynecologist ...
i hate telling her/him about YOU KNOW ABOUT .....
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