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women's day


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Dear women and girls

Lies within you the most beautiful thing in the world the opportunity of becoming a mother to give birth a baby. You were born into this world and we admire you, as you playfully evoke that, as the culmination of love in you, and when you grow up you become a confident adult woman, and you take your fate into your own hands.

We admire the many beautiful things and a lot of good qualities which becomes a part of you, which are in you. Although we usually hide :eek:) , but we think about you as real super hero, in fact we see even more in you.
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Thank you, Christine. I agree with this saying. I want to add, dear Viki, thank you for such kind words that warm the soul. These words mean a lot to me! I am a mother of 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls) and I admit that sometimes I have difficult days when I think that I am a bad mother and that I am not coping with their upbringing. And then my youngest daughter comes up to me and says: "Mommy, don't be afraid, I'm with you", hugs me around the neck and I feel much better. But sometimes I can't get out of my depression for weeks and it's terrible. So I'm looking for different ways to help me enjoy life. Thus, I recently found a great article on this topic, you can click here to read it. Perhaps this article will be useful to someone. Because I found there the main words that help me enjoy life without fears and worries.
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