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Winter is coming! Time for a wardrobe refresh!


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As winter is slowly emerging, here is some tips for your wardrobe

Turtle neck knit tops and jumpers are in trend now.
Tshirt dress paired with a leather jacket + the boots will add to your fashion.
Big warm knits are definitely in right now. Neutral colours like grey and tan are very popular.
Long-sleeved dress, bomber jacket, Leggings or skinny jeans.

What do you think the big fashion trends for this winter will be? Add to the list..
I just bought an oversized brown sweater, and I'm loving it!

I think some of the trends will be:
-oversized sweaters
-infinity scarves
-patterned leggings
-slipper socks
-boots with fur
-sweaters worn with mini skirts and leggings
-braids with scarves
-sweaters with skirts

Idk about you, but those are some of the things I'm planning to wear lol
I just bought a couple new tops that I really like--one is the brown sweater I'm wearing and the other is teal with mini white stripes. It is a size bigger than I normally wear because loose tops are in style! I want to pair it with a nice, simple necklace.