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Why You Need to Sit At the Front Row in the Class Room


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This is quite a reasoning question that every student needs to ask his/herself. It is better to have a clear understanding of why the front row is important for you as a student.
Although, many are afraid to sit at the front row because they think it is only for those that are intelligent. But let me correct that mentality now and forever. Don’t ever think that the front row is only for those that are intelligent.
Even if you are intelligent or not, you can still sit at the front row. Don’t allow anybody to deceive you with some outdated mentality that can’t even move a rat.
Its high time you think like a man and not like a child. Or, is it that you don’t like answering a question in the class, that’s why you run to sit at the back row?
Sitting at the back row in the class does not mean you are not intelligent, but it’s a choice. There are a lot of intelligent students that like the back row more than the front row, just to make their selves unpopular in the class or school.
Intelligent students like making people feel their level of capability, just to be known by all. Believe me, there are people who are 95% good in that same class or school, but the still keep calm.
So why show yourself up, as if you are the best? As a teacher, if you want to believe what I am saying, just try those students that are in the back row, which you think they are not intelligent and see if they won’t surprise you with their intellectual capabilities.
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"It's high time we think like a" woman, too. ;) Women are intellectual superior - generally speaking, of course.

If we sit in the front row, we're less likely to be distracted by "the person/people sitting in front of us.

It's also handy if we're near-sighted.

I thought the back row was where the popular/cool kids sat :D (or kids who don't want to be called upon by the teacher).