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Why New Thread Of Mine No Show As New Post


be good lady
yesterday i add new threads but no surface on "New Post"?

i don't understand if do something wrong PLEASE HELP


Staff member
Perhaps if you were to look under Relationship Discussions you will see that it quite clearly there, and is at this moment in time the 4th thread down from the top.
However just to prove the point, I have on this occasion added the Girlsforum link for you.

Humiliating A Boyfriend
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be good lady

Thank you very much for quick response. I could see before under relationship discussions. my confusion was because it did not show up under "New Post" when i click on button on first screen when come to Girl Forum Site After Log In

please excuse my silly question. You have always been a great help to me since i joined this wonderful forum. i have learned many things from other members here. i know i have made some mistakes and am try to behave better in future.

you are best administrator i see on any forums in my life so far

thanks for teaching me
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