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Why is my daughter not wanting to wear skirts?

I've worn many skirts all my life and bow my daughter is objecting towards the idea of wearing of skirts. When I ask her why she is doing so, she says that skirts are too "uncomfortable" but sometimes she says that they are "stylish". What can I do in this case? Should I keep trying to make her wear a skirt?


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Maybe she finds them
  1. To tight
  2. Some to loose so when the wind blows they just flick up and put her underwear on display

3. Some boys use skirts to try get to girls underwear more easily so she could want to avoid them
There could be many reasons so try to accept she doesn't want to wear skirts tho her constantly changing her mind, as a teen myself I say this is rather normal


I don't think you should force your daughter to wear a skirt. I think the most important thing is that she feels comfortable in the clothing that she is wearing. There are so many other things she can wear to make her feel "Stylish."

Maybe you too should go shopping one day together and maybe you can get an eye for what type of clothing she is drawn to...to understand her own style a little bit more!

Nikita Marathe

New Member
just check what your daughter loves to wear.. may be she feels comfortable in jeans and top, may be a pair of shorts. Just talk to her instead of forcing her to wear skirts.