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Why has my period suddenly changed?


New Member
I have been on the pill since i was 16. I am 20 now. Every month my period always starts around 7am on tbe 4th day of my break week. It lasts for 5 days and is relatively heavy. Like i would have to constantly wipe, theres always a little more coming out. A tiny amount, its not crazy heavy.

I just had my period for this month. It started as usual at 7am on the 4th day. Seemed normal, its always light and mostly brown on the first day. When i wake up in the mornings i always have to get straight up and quickly go change as over the night i always have a lot come out. So i did that, but there was like nothing there. A tiny dot. And not much more when i wiped. Throughout the day it was a lot lighter than usual too, it was a clean tissue after like 2 wipes. It ended on the 5th day like usual. However, now its 3 days after its been finished and every so often i get a bit more blood coming out. It has never changed throughout the 4 years i have taken the pill so why has it suddenly changed?