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Who likes music?


I tried to post about Napster in the cool sites area but it kept telling me:

There was an error encountered with your upload:

This is not a valid image file.
Error1 generating image

I dont get it since I was not uploading a picture, it was the sites URL which is weird since if you click on Download MP3, Top Songs, Buy Music, Free Trial — Napster it takes you to Download MP3, Top Songs, Buy Music, Free Trial — Napster

but anyways..........

So I listen to Sirius in the car but when I am at home (and sometimes work) I will listen to this with head buds in if needed. Comes in handy during those long work days that just drag on and on...


New Member
I love music more than anything in the world
out of 24h i spend like 15 hours listening to music
i just cant function without it ... then again there might be sth wrong with me
coz i cannot stand silence ... :D


I love music. My favorite singer is Enrique Iglesias. His song "Somebody's me" is my favorite song.
I have made a career out of the music industry, and know several professional musicians. It's a pretty cool industry to get into but the work is demanding.
Musicians are demanding *giggle* but it is so cool to be involved during a performance. My hearing is not the best anymore but I do enjoy live concerts.
From Rock to pop, country to the blues, and everything inbetween, I love music.
Well the question is tricky.
the one who likes to smile likes music
the one who doesnt know how to express likes music ,
the one who loves someone likes music and many more reasons.


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I love all kinds of music,
alternative, indie, hip hop and classic rock mostly. :)
But if I like a song, I like a song, I don't care what genre it is. :D