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Who likes K-pop? and if yes who is your favourite group or singer ?


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Well, I loved TVXQ in fact. But, you know, some bad things happened. Now, I sometimes listen to JYJ's new songs.


I'm like the girl ^^ .....I'm just starting to get into Kpop, Jpop and a lot of other asian pop.
I haven't really got a favourite yet but I think "Girls Generation" are awesome
Honestly, and this is just my opinion, but what’s so good about kpop? I’ve listened to a few before, but it’s not anything special. Jpop is way better.

Again, this is my opinion.
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BTS (favorite boys group)
MAMAMOO (favorite girls group)
IKON (they're *killing me* sorry for the pun ^.^' )
SEVENTEEN (I don't wanna cry when I think about them)
KARD (I lovetheir concept so so so much)
BIGBANG (I mean... WHO DOESN'T LIKE THEM?? I miss them so much T.T)
2NE1 (girls, please COME BACK HOME you have the most powerful female performances T.T)
CLC (fell in love with them with Black dress and went back in time and love them even more)
(G)-IDLE (monster rookie with such a unique concept, love them!)
HYUNA (Queen of rap, CUBE is a snake -.-)
IU (the softest princess T.T)
LEE-HI (I love her voice so much like it's so unique??)
RED VELVET (I actually love only a few of their songs, but I recognize that they're talented; I loved Peek-a-boo and Bad boy)
groups after MAMAMOO are not in order but those are the groups that I appreciate a lot ^.^


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ASTRO group! Especially Cha Eunwoo in it! <3 <3 Try listening to this group....you’ll go into a trance, particularly with Cha Eunwoo!:p
And BTS! My fav are V and Jungkook! V voice is just what you need to get that beat in your heart!