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Who likes Country Music?♥



YESSSSSS me me me me lol.
I like all kinds of music but my total favourite is country. I'm pretty much the only person I know who likes it. All my friends are like "ewwww......country??" and even my mother thinks it's "music to slit your wrists by" but ehh...I can't help it if I'm the only one with any taste :D


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I love it...Obviously :D
I love Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift even though she's technically pop music now.
Have you ever heard of Summerlyn Powers?
She's one of my new favorites!!
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mary adam

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I also love it. I would totally listen to country music all day. I am also a big fan of Rascal Flats and Kelly Clarkson but Carrie Underwood songs are amazing.


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I love country music - the "old timey" twang-type music and the modern kind of country music (which is often a cross-over with popular music and vice versa). :)