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Where are the rules?


Staff member
Hi Achathin,

Yes, there are a few places on this forum where rules are posted. They are often found at the beginning of threads, such as: Announcements & Feedback

Welcome to Girls Forum! ✨ This is a forum for women only and we hope you'll have a wonderful time here. But if you are male, your account will be deleted.

This is a safe place for women to talk about all kinds of topics, so harassment of members is not allowed.

Posts with live links and any post considered spam will immediately be deleted by a moderator or the administrator.

As some might find your avatar offensive, could you change it, please (unless it symbolizes Wicca instead of Satanism - but I think Wicca is symbolized by the point facing north)?

Having said that, if you are a woman, we hope you'll enjoy being here and we look forward to having you as a member of the Girls Forum. :)