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What's your religion?


I was born into a Christian childhood, but I could not find God, no matter how hard I tried. Scientific opinion on the internet made me become atheist early on.
As an atheist, I gave credit to certain tenets of Buddhism, but never had faith in any supernatural.
However, during a very tumultuous time, in 2017, God appeared to me, and I started to see.
I read the Bible, and have rejected the false promises and crooked teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, the Ko'ran, etc.

All good people will be as Christian fellows under God, and if you haven't rejected false religions now, you will later. That's just a fact.


All the Song Of Songs versions I could find felt obscure and a bit male-centric to me. I transcribed this to be much more accurate in my eyes:
Where has your mate gone, loveliest among women? Where has your mate faced? Let us seek one with you. My mate has descended to their garden, to the beds of aromatics, to graze in the gardens and to glean anemones. I am my mate's and my mate is mine; one is grazing among the anemones. You are lovely, my shepherdess, as Tirzah, attractive as Jerusalem, inspiring as standard-bearers. Turn your eyes about from in front of me, for they beset me. Your hair is like a drove of goats that flow down from Gilead. Your teeth are like a drove of ewes that ascends from the washing; all of them having twins, and there are none among them bereaved. Like a slice of pomegranate are your temples behind your veil. Sixty queens, they may be, and eighty companions, and available may be without number, but only one is she, my dove, my flawless one, only one is she of Mother, the pure one is she of the one who made her. Daughters see her and call her happy; queens and companions, let them elate in her. Who is this who gazes forth like the dawn, lovely as the moonlight, pure as the sunlight, inspiring as standard-bearers? I descended to the walnut garden to see the pollination about the watercourse, to see whether the vine had budded and the pomegranate had flowered. Before I knew it, my soul set me among the chariots of my kind fellows. Return, return, Shulammite; return, return, that we may perceive you. What do you perceive in the Shulammite? Something like the Mahanaim chorus?
How lovely are your footsteps in sandals, beautiful daughter; the enigma of your thighs are like eardrops, the deed of faithful hands. Your navel is like a cup, curvaceous, not lacking intoxicant. Your belly is like a grain-pile of wheat, fenced about by anemones. Your two breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle. Your neck is like a tower of ivory; your eyes are like reservoirs in Heshbon by the gate of Bath-rabbim; your nose is like the tower of Lebanon, seeing the face of Damascus. Your head upon you is like Carmel, and the locks of your head are like purple; a ruler is bound by the strands. How lovely you are, and how pleasant you are, o love, in good flavor. This is your stature, like a palm tree, and the bosom of you the clusters. I said, let me ascend into the palm tree; let me take hold of its thorny branches. O, shall the bosom of you be like clusters of the vine, and the scent of your nose like apricots, and your palate the finest intoxicant. May it go to my mate, as evenly getting over the mouths of sleeping ones. I am my mate's, and on me is their impulse. Do come, my mate, we shall go forth to the field; let us lodge among the henna bushes. Let us go early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine has budded, the bloom has opened, and the pomegranates have flowered. There I shall give my affections to you. The drakes give scent, and at our portals are all fine fruits, new and stored; this I have secluded for you, my mate.
O who else can be given like a near equal to me, who nursed from the bosom of Mother; outside, I would kiss you, and they would not despise me. I would lead you and bring you to the house of Mother, who taught me. I would give you wine, of pharmacy of juice of my pomegranate. One's left hand is under my head, one's right arm is embracing me. I have implored you, daughters of Jerusalem, why do you rouse, why do you rouse up love to its yearning? Who is this ascending from the wilderness, leaning on the arm of her mate? Under the apricot tree, I roused you; there, your mother was cramped with you; there, she was cramped, who bore you. Place me like a seal on your heart, like a seal on your arm, for love is as powerful as death, jealousy as difficult as the unobservable, its burning coals like coals of fire, the blaze of Yah. Many waters are not able to quench love, and streams shall not overwhelm it. If someone gives all the wealth of one's house in love, one would be despised, yea despised. Our sister is small, and without breast; what shall we do for our sister in the day one speaks to her? If she is a wall, we shall build on her a dwelling of silver, and if she is a door, we shall restrict her with planks of cedar. I am a wall, and my bosom as towers; then I have become one finding peace in one's eyes. A vineyard was to Solomon in Baal-hamon. He gave the vineyard to custodians. A person would bring for its fruit a thousand pieces of silver. My vineyard faces me. The thousand are for you, Solomon, and two-hundreds for the custodians of its fruit. Those dwelling in the gardens, partners are attending to your voice, let me hear you. Hasten away, my mate, and be like a gazelle or fawn of the deer on mountains of aromatics.


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Hi, I am a Christian girl, but I don’t practicing, infact i don’t go to Church, however sometimes I have contacts with God, I ask him some things. I have a great interest in all types of religions or beliefs, especially in the Islamic religion.


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I'm Pantheist. I dont know how to describe it. And I dont think it's religion. It seems more like believing in Univers. There are no Heaven or Hell. There are univers and ur own way