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What's your religion?

Peace be upon you everyone

This is our greeting in Islam

I hope you're fine

Please, everyone write their religion and something about it !!!

I noticed that there are no new posts in religion forum, however the religion is the most important thing we have to think about, because it's our way of life..

Waiting 4 your reply


Įrīkå Črāzÿ-Ğįrl Sûpéêr

i'm a muslim and proud of it my religion is all about peace and good behave :)
I am a Catholic but I don't go to Mass or anything. I'm looking into Judaism. :)
Aha!! I don't know a lot about Catholic ... do you know anything about Islam??

Mckenna : I'm Catholic I love Jesus Christ

As a Muslim i love Jesus too much as i believe in all the prophets ..

mahirose i am a christian and in my opinion.,,,.... LOVE is the only religion i believe

LOVE means a lot in Islam ....i think when we love God and feel amazing spiritual feelings we will LOVE everything ^^

ClaribelHikaru I believe in God.

That's right we have to believe in God if we want to feel peace inside ...it's amazing !!


I am Muslim girl and I thank Allah because Islam is my religion ... Islam is great .. it is amazing
A lot of people expect that Islam is a religion of violence and murder ...And this is not true ..If you want to read about Islam, read the Quraan ( Muslims' holy book ) ..It is reflecting the true image of Islam ..Islam is a religion of peace , believe me ^^


Bright Smile: What do you want to know about Christianity?
The basic teaching of Christianity is that we are sinful, Jesus died on the cross for us, taking the punishment for our sins, and now we are able to have a relationship with him and are free from sin and condemnation. The Bible says that if you believe this in your heart and if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, you are saved. Then you get the Holy Spirit and get to know the joys of being intimate with Him!
That's the basic teaching of Christianity...anything else you want to know?


I am atheist but I do not mind that other people have different beliefs. It is great to see that there is so much tolerance here. If only the rest of the world could be this acceptant of other traditions. :)