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What's your opinion about Miley Cyrus?



yeah... I really dont care for her snd i think she is so overrated....
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Pink Lover
I don't like her music, but I guess every generation has its own lovely girl that goes wild and crazy. As long as likes what she does, it's fine, I guess.


I don't like her voice much.....and I'm not that mad about the rest of her either lol.
I think she's over-exposed in more ways than one:)


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I don't think she is doing anything worse than what a lot of people do in this world. I admire her being her own individual. I think that is a good role modeling.

Tigger Muah

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I used to like her but I don't anymore. She becomes like so bad and like if something bad took over her life. She isn't who she used to be and Im no believing the story of that people grow up.. she is way tooo crazy


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I really like herr music but I think she should take some time off and then come back with sometthing to say


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I don't really follow her so what i see is what i get. But, in short, yeah, man, she's cray. But whenever i see a gif of an interview with her, she always sounds so down to earth? So maybe she's sensible inside her head but the image she's portraying is too much for us to handle


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She changed,she was a beautiful Brown haired young women.But i don't know what she did to herself,i don't really like her songs(Wrecking ball).
I am not a fan..
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although she is very beautiful, the way she dresses up is inappropriate....
she's a model for many people in the world and in my opinion it's not good that she wears such clothes.


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I think that she's just doing all this for attention. I mean why else would she be acting like that? She never showed any signs of that before, and never stated that she was unhappy with the way that she was. So, I just think that it's a big act that she's putting on.
The 'New' Miley is someone who I do not like...
Everyone has a different opinion and my one is that I liked her for who she used to be, that girl in 'Hanna Montana'. Now she seems very different, turning from a sweet actress and singer to a twerking pop star. She even has a different look, but her appearance has nothing to do with this. Even though I may dislike her as a person, her songs have gotten better, some having meanings behind them and others with upbeat rhythms which I like. I guess it is a mixed opinion on her.
(I'm turning this into an essay and I guess I would not want anybody to go through the pain of reading my post which has gone in depth to the reasons why I dislike her.)
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