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What's your opinion about Keanu Reeves?


New Member
Okay, so I think he's a really beautiful Hollywood guy. But I want to hear it from you ladies, how do you find Reeves? Hot or not?


Not hot. I never really thought much of him to be honest. I never knew how or why he went so far in his career. But I will admit he's gotten better with age. I like him a lot more now than when he started out. He has more maturity now and I like that.


New Member
I say he's hot, but I guess it's more in an unconventional way. I know some people aren't a fan of crooked teeth but to me I don't mind. Also his voice is really attractive to me, if that makes any sense lol. I find myself watching his movies lately, although some of them are admittedly flops. Best of his films in my opinion is the John Wick franchise, I think the part just comes so natural to him. So yeah, long story short I think he's hot.


Well-Known Member
I think he's great as a person and as an actor, especially in his movies:
"Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure",
"Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey",
"Chain Reaction", and
"Constantine" - just to name a few. :)