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What's your morning routine?


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When you get up in the morning what do you to set you up for the day?
What do you like to eat? Do you exercise? What get's you pumped for the day!
Right now I find myself getting up, eating breakfast and crawling back into bed to watch Youtube videos for an hour or 2... Help me get excited for the day! Inspire!


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Watching utube for 2 hours is way too long Holly...lol
I do loaf around in bed when I wake up but its only for like 15 to 30 mins max.
When im loafing I usually think of my plans n goals for the day...then if its exciting or urgent enuff I will jump off my bed...lol
I usually makes fast n small breakfast to get it outta way then off to grooming.
I probably spends more time deciding wat to wear than eating breakfast...lol
I have a little garden outside my room so I like smelling the blossoms or simply look at them before I leave the house.
Sometimes I watch bits of TV before going out. I cant drive and dont own a car so the time I leave the house depends on my train or bus timetable..lol


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I wake up, hit snooze a few times. I really struggle with getting out of bed. Then I brush my teeth and out on my make up. I'm really slow at doing all this.
But then I rush to get dressed, make a lunch and head out the door. It's not the calmest routine but it's something I'm trying to change like you.
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if i sleep home, alone. First I check Phone for messages or e emails. I have coffee then take shower, dress, brush hair and do makeup. i clean house, make bed, do regular and delicate laundry. Those are my only routine wake up activities at home if i am alone. if have friend sleep with me or sleep out nothing seems routine to me.


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The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is exercising and taking a cold shower. It allows me to feel full of energy all day long. My breakfast should be not very hard for my stomach so I prefer eating a banana and drinking some juice. After that, I brush my teeth (I use only natural care products, even my bamboo toothbrush is 100% natural). After all those things I have half an hour to do something I want before work. I prefer watching the news or checking my sister's homework before she went to school.
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