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What's your favorite T.V. show?



Right now Scandal and Being Mary Jane. Guilty pleasure is Bad Girls Club. Don't judge me. Ha!


Grey's Anatomy is probably the best Tv show I ever watched. But I like Friends, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and Dexter as well.


Definitely lost and grey's anatomy..
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Get ready for.......THE LIST:
Non- anime: Psych, Generator Rex, All Ben 10, once upon a time, futurama, pretty much all old Disney channel shows and SOME new ones, young justice, heartland, Nikita, tomorrow people, falling sky's, royal Pains, star wars clone wars, and more.

Anime: Inuyasha, SAO, angel beats, FMA, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, sailor moon, ouran host club, Naruto/Naruto: Shippuden, black butler, once piece, fairy tale, my bride is a mermaid, attack on titan, most yu-gi-oh, and lots more.

Kadee Kizer

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I am CRAZY about Grey's Anatomy and The Office. I really like the show Private Practice which is like a runoff from Grey's.
A big fan of Pretty Little Liars. The whole mystery of 'A' really sold me.
Also, Scream Queens. I had to admit it was slightly different to what the trailer suggested but all in all it was fun attempting to guess who the 'Red Devil' may be, I really hope season two can be just as good, or even better if it was possible!
And just for weekends when my friends are occupied in outings with their friends and my boyfriend is with his friends, I watch endless episodes of The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Baby Daddy.
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I love cartoons, so many of them! I like Clarence, Adventure Time, Ninjago, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Star Versus the Forces of Evil, and my little brothers got me to like Pickle and Peanut too :D


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I like comedy ones like The Regular Show or Adventure Time...I watch lots of The Bachelorette and other junkie reality shows.:D