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Whats your dress size?


I like the old Disney stuff, like the old Mickey Mouse. Luckily, where I live, they're starting to do Disney stuff in the adults. But like I said, the sizes I take go super quick!


Sometimes you can find some nice stuff on ebay too. I have a bunch of Disney/ Mickey shirts and sweatshirts from there, and you can get new ones too.
I LOVE some of the cute stuff they have for kids outfits. Personally I like to wear bright colors and a lot of Disney stuff and My Little Pony too. But they only have good stuff in kids' sizes. I think that sort of thing is good for all ages.
Would love to try this!
I can sometimes wear childrens sizes too, especially stuff like t-shirts, and I do if I see one I like :) . I think kids sometimes have really nice stuff, and I don't get why adults stuff is often boring with stuff like colours e.t.c., as if they think you don't want anything pretty or cute.

I think it's annoying when they don't have my size too, they're often the first sizes sold out where I live, leaving all the smaller sizes (sixes), and the larger sizes (14 and above). I think the size(s) I take is/are most common where I live.
Same here! I can also wear children sizes! :)