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What's you worst temptation?

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Have you ever been tempted to do something that you don't want to do because you know you will regret it. One of mine is to spend a lot of money on clothes and shoes, and another is to eat all the nice and tasty foods I like without thing about anything.


My WORST temptation...(which I always fall back into)...is calling the ex, I should NOT be calling...

And having this constant grey area ... with him...that really needs to STOP!

I don't call him, but he will call me...and I can't seem to say NO.

But we don't make each other happy at all...

Miss Cleo

I think my worst temptation has got to be food. Sometimes I just can't help myself. Other times, I don't feel like caring. Hence the revolving diet door.:whip:


Sex, Drugs and Money! Well some more than others, but I think that there are many temptations in everybody's daily life, it is more about how you cope with negative temptations than what they are.


My worst temptation is my ex, he calls me and I talk to him, I know I shouldn't he has done me wrong so many times
I buy too many bath and body products, and then end up having to chuck them as they've gone all yucky. I'm being really good at the moment, as I'm using up the products I've got already before I buy anymore.

Lisa x


Mine is men...but I don't even know how to explain the temptation. I seem to just hook up with the wrong ones, and a lot of times, I know from day one that my choice was a bad one. I think I just love those kinds of challenges.


My worst temptations are...
>Watching TV even though I know it's my final exam the next day.:blah:

>Eating junk food like pizza or spaghetti even though I feel full....:pound:
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