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What's going on with my body .

Ok so On June 28th ( today is July 18) i went on a date to the movies with my boyfriend he is 15 i am 17 , i am not allowed to date till i graduate and i was with my mom and she said i could go to the movies with a friend so i went with him we have been together 2 years. we sat at the very top in the corner and watched the movie we started making out and rubbing each other i rubbed his penis through his jeans and he rubbed my vagina threw jeans we promised each other we would wait till we got married for actual sex. so after we stopped my hand felt kinda sticky and so i tried to not touch anything till i got to the bathroom and washed my hands with hot water and soap like 2 times and then i left.Monday(July 14) i had some light brown/red blood in my underwear so i put on a pad and I went on Tuesday and Wednesday with light bright red bleeding, then yesterday it came and went and today its brown again. I do have problems with ovarian cyst. and I am having pains in my ovary area. this morning my left ovary and half stomach was hard. and my periods have never came on the same time but according to my period tracker i am suppose to get it on the 17th so yesterday but i got it monday 3 days early im just really scared please only honest answers. thanks you and God Bless. I haven't had much of an appetite I get gaggy which I know is normal with cyst. but seriously what is going on? Thanks and God Bless :)


I seriously don't think it's got anything to do with you and your boyfriend fooling around at the movies.
And I just noticed your message was posted almost 2 months ago so it's either settled down and gone back to normal.....or you've done what I was going to suggest and gone to the doctor.
I hope everything has worked out ok for you anyway :)