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What you see now on tv.

It can be a older tv-show. Or a new tv-show.

Everyone can talk in here. Who likes tvprogram.

I see Star Trek.
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Minder, i follow keeping up with the kardashians, bachelorettes, greys anatomy and games of thrones. i have active lifestyle so not watch many tv shows.
Luv Sha
I see bingo now on my tv. And in this episode are my best gay. He is a singer. His name is Magnus. I have liked him from he was with a band. And I saw him live. In my town for 10 years ago.
I watch Bull. 5 last episodes. season 1. 2 episodes I remember. was about a drug affair. and a girl the court think is in a drugthings. But it was her brother who had this drugs. And another case is was about a worker for Bull was in a situation. It was about DNA. And Bulls worker could get 10 years in prison. A very good tv-show. I have seen the whole season 1. But this two episodes I like best.
I see so much better. Its a song program. Have now seen 2 episodes. I did a small marathon. Its for the whole family. Child from 5 years old. But is only in sweden. Do´nt know if any other countries can see this tv-program.
I have seen then the chemistry is okey. Its about a girl. Who wants a man. And so is 10 man who want the girl. Its a love program. I like this tv-show alot.
I love 3rd rock from the sun, the series, the neighbors from abc, and most disney channel shows. I also really love the big bang theory and modern family. as you can tell ,im a big fan of tv comedy.