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What type of bag do you carry?


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Have you ever thought that what you bring out is just unnecessary? I brought my keys, purse, and just a portable charger in my big handbag. I thought to myself. How can I bring less and carry less? Yet, I carried the same old tote bag with me, and It's rather boring and in the way. Then It hit me. I stumbled upon the perfect bag/purse for my journey. It is a small easy to carry purse with an attachable sling. I feel so light and free! Like the burden got off my shoulders. Literally. What type of bad do you carry?


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I have a mini backpack purse which I love because then I don’t have to tie up one of my hands or worry about a bag falling off my shoulder. Also I do have a tendency of leaving a bag somewhere and then not being able to find it.
I do tend to carry a bit more stuff though - keys, wallet, compact, lip gloss, hair ties, bobby pins, breath mints, tissues......


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I prefer carrying a backpack to work. Gone are the days when backpack bags were only limited to classrooms, and were meant to be functional enough to carry your books. Nowadays, they are not only functional, but also stylish and edgy. They blend seamlessly in every lifestyle and can be carried to work as well as parties! You can check out holii.in they have an amazing collection of purses & backpack bags.