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What TV Show do you like


A girl with a lot of dreams
Hey girls:D I’m horrible choosing TV shows:eek: and now due to the confinement I have a lot of free time. IDK what TV Show should I start watching.:rolleyes: I love police, action, love and for teen people too:p
So if you could suggest me some of them, I’ll be pleased :)


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I just watched the first episode of the TV show: "L.A.’s Finest" (starring Jessica Alba) a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it. She's a police detective (I think) and her and her (work) partner each have a past that will probably be revealed as the season progresses.
I think a lot of women (including teens) will like the show because it portrays strong women. :)


A girl with a lot of dreams
Oh yeah I know that TV Show, on Spain it’s very known haha. I would see it but unfortunately Spanish people spoiled me that TV Show on Social Networks :(

But thanks ^^ I really appreciate your help :)