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What things do you buy on Internet?


New Member
Do you usually do Internet shopping? Or you only like to see what's new?
What things do you buy? Clothes? Jewelry? Cosmetics?
Please, tell me! :)

I usually buy things I can't find in my town or even in my country, But slowly i got addicted to internet shopping, I buy bags, accesories or Clothes, things like that.


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i only buy unfitted things on net like jewelry, pocketbooks and cosmetics. where fit is important i buy in local specialty stores where i can try on for attractive fitting to my body. i avoid online as much as possible. my maid orders most of my online things


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Cosmetics! I just recently bought this flower color changing lippies at ohmytrendystore.com and I am so in love!


Very nightly
Most usually cool shirts or hoodies that I can't find in local stores. It's hard to predict if the clothes are going to fit though!


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I do a lot of online shopping, I buy clothing usually and makeup. Any girls who do yoga or dance or just love leggings and workout clothing in general, I recommend Fabletics It's amazing.


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I buy the clothes online, other accessories like jewellery, cosmetics, power bank, headphones, grocery shopping etc.