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What song have you got in the closet?

Do you have a song you love but just cant admit to loving it??

Im a little bit of rock and metal and I love drum n bass and dance as well

But I have been listening to Toto's- Rosanna after we had a little party and someone sang it playing sing star..

My friend is a hard rocker and she admitted to loving the Brittany Spears song Womaniser

So ladies.... What about you??

Any songs you want to fess up to??


New Member
Ha..ha. I probably shouldn't admit this, but...when my husband and I went dancing a few decades ago and the song "I wanna bee-bop with you baby" came on, I thought it was talking about dancing. So, I always liked dancing to it. Once I started requesting it, my darling husband told me what it meant. Needless to say, I was too embarrassed after that to request it again. :eek: