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What should I do?


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Hey girls so I've been in a LDR with this guy for about 4 months now. I never met him because we met through an app. We also live in different countries. We play PUBG. He's actually a big fan of PUBG so he plays a lot after work. Lately, he has been playing with a girl that he never met there. He said that that girl added him first and then sometimes she would add him to duo or squad and vice versa. I'm a bit worry about this. I am insecure and anxious. I couldn't trust him because once I had a fake account and DM him on Instagram. He told me about the fake me DMing him on instagram. I told him not to talk to the 'fake' me and he said "i've got no time for this shit" but he still texted the fake me. That is why I don't trust him wholly now. See, my point here is that, I'm worried that he will develop some emotional feeling towards her because when you spend so much time together with someone, you'll have this kind of feeling for the other person. I'm not trying to control him or change him, I just don't feel comfortable about this. When I told him this, he just said "she's my friend, it's just a game" she doesn't play that good but still he wants to play with her. I feel like he's choosing her over this relationship. I told him you can do whatever you want but I'm not gonna be okay with what you'll do. What should I do? I don't wanna lose him and he doesn't too.


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Hi, Piapiebanana! Welcome to Girls Forum!! :)

I understand you don't want to lose him, hon, but you might not really "have" him. If he doesn't want to be exclusive with you, how much does he care about you!

We, as women, can often develop feelings for a man - even if the man only feels a casual connection with us. (We are emotionally superior - generally speaking ;) ) So on a positive note, he may not develop feelings for this new girl (that he's playing PUBG with), either.

It's perfectly normal to feel anxious, because you don't know if you can trust him or not.
When he was texting the "fake" you, was he flirtatious or just friendly?

He probably didn't like it when you told him not to talk to the "fake" you, either. Too many men have no problem telling a woman what to do but those same men don't like it if a woman tells him what to do!

He might be playing with her because she doesn't play that well (and he can win).

I'd keep the relationship casual until he makes the "first move" (if he ever does). He may see girls online as just someone to play PUBG with and nothing more. At least if you're just friends with him, you won't lose him. If he thinks you're "jealous", he may not want to play with you anymore. (He may not want to start a long distance romantic relationship, either.)
Good luck, hon. :)


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You anxieties is right this this person, you feel insecure when you met with someone although he is unknown.

When you feel he is insecure OR fake person don't go him for meet.

PUBG is a game not a secure way, he can cheat with you about anything.

As the last one this is that Its depend on you what you have to do, You can also have help from your family person and friends