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What shoes you wear when you go to work ?


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I used to hate heels too mostly because I just couldn’t walk in them. But I did get a pair of heels a couple of months ago that i practiced in the house quite a bit with. So now I’m much better walking with them and now have grown rot really like heels.


During working hours, the most important thing that a woman looks for in shoes is the comfort level.
Nothing else really matters if the shoes that she wears are comfortable and skin-friendly. For this,
one must keep in mind the quality (material), size and sole of the shoes.

When it comes to the types of shoes to wear at work, I prefer the below-mentioned ones:

Mules - The most recent and trending fashion is mules shoes. They cover the front part of your feet and are available in various styles and patterns.
They are the best slip on shoes for women for a busy day job.
Ballet Flats - Wearing heels all the time is not at all necessary. You can easily opt for ballet flats and feel relaxed and comfortable.
They are fun, sleek and feminine enough to be worn in the office.
Nude heels - For formal meetings or conference, I have a pair of nude heels which enhances my entire look.
The best part about nude heels is that they work through every season.
So these were my wardrobe staples for office wear.


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I work at home now, but in the office, we were allowed to wear anything. Most of the time I wore Chelsea because they were very comfortable. I would change my shoes in the office because my feet hurt a lot.


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I usually wear flats and pumps. They both styles are very comfortable and you can also wear them daily.


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I prefer wearing designer flats. they are comfortable and classy and look elegant. also, it suits the office environment also.