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What shoes you wear when you go to work ?


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Because maybe "jiggling" attracts the wrong kind of attention (and too many men have the mentality: "If you ain't sellin', why advertise?") In other words, some guys take extra hip-swaying, butt-jiggling, boob-bouncing, etc. as an invitation to be disrespectful, to wolf-whistle, pinch, grope, etc. It isn't right, it isn't fair, but we live in a world where too many men aren't strong enough to exercise self-control - and if given an opportunity, will take a woman up on what he thinks she's "offering". Yes, we'll get attention, maybe even "compliments", but if we need that kind of attention from strangers, is there something lacking within us...


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well Christine, maybe because I'm older than you and am anxious to hang on to whatever attractive features I have left.
Hey you guys,

Im very glad to join in this community and see you guys here.

What kind of shoes you wear when you go to school or work ?

My working office is on the 27th floor ,and huge sea of people work in this building, so, it is normal to take 30 minutes or more to get my turn to use the Lift to up to 27th floor,so i climp the stairs very days, 27 floors and about 540 stairs .

So, what i wear is important . i want it to be comfortable ,as well as looks good, any suggestions about this ?

What shoes do you wear ?
I always wear sneakers or ballet flats or flat boots
Heels are a bit dangerous