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What shoes you wear when you go to work ?


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Hey you guys,

Im very glad to join in this community and see you guys here.

What kind of shoes you wear when you go to school or work ?

My working office is on the 27th floor ,and huge sea of people work in this building, so, it is normal to take 30 minutes or more to get my turn to use the Lift to up to 27th floor,so i climp the stairs very days, 27 floors and about 540 stairs .

So, what i wear is important . i want it to be comfortable ,as well as looks good, any suggestions about this ?

What shoes do you wear ?


There are a lot of shoes that you have to enjoy and to collect this kind of attraction that you can wear everywhere.


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I like ballerina flats or moccasins, they are comfortable and elegant enough. But at this time I really hype oxford shoes. With slim pants and shirt they look awesome!

Victoria T.

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Flats 90% of the time. The other 10% would be when I have to do a presentation or we have some sort of large internal meeting. Then it's stiletto heels.


You can prepare a pair of shoes in the office. Then wear any shoes you feel comfortable to climp the stairs.


it depends on the weather and time of year... right now its winter so I either wear boots or flats. In the summer I wear sandals or flats.

Gaby Eugene

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I wear heeled boots with support insoles. Although I have started to transition into flatter styled shoes. I think that a buckled shoe or oxford style shoe is ideal for business wear. Plus, they tend to have more support in the arch and are therefore better equipped for daily stair climbing. :)


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I wear tennis shoes, running shoes, sneakers, etc. with socks - preferably as high tops. They give comfortable ankle support. :)


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These are the last pair I bought for work just this spring. Very comfortable, I can be in them all day and be perfectly comfortable. Color is good too, can wear with number of different outfits
a 1815


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Here's another "go to" shoe for me. It is so comfortable I can wear it in airports. Being black leather, I can wear it with almost anything. Heel is 3" inches.
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