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what is your night routine? - normal day


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. Get changed into comfortable clothes
. Remove my makeup
. Shower/freshen up
. Have dinner
. Watch netflix/ go on social media
. Facial and hygiene routine
. Journal/ pray
. Bedtime


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You're good! You do so much!! :)

On a normal evening;
I come home
make a bee-line for the shower
put on my pajamas (I believe in being comfortable) :D
get something to eat or drink while watching tv/video
go on social media (when I can)
do odds and ends things around the house while listening to music
brush my teeth
(I used to say my prayers but I kept falling asleep :D so I say them in the morning, now)
watch some more tv/videos until I fall asleep. zzzzz :)


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For me my bedtime routine is that I usually go to bed by 9 or 9:30pm and the one thing that has helped me get better sleep is not keeping my phone nearby, because social media is such a thing that you could just end up scrolling feeds or sending memes to people for 2 hours without even realising it
Smiley LOL

My morning routine comprises of waking up at 6:30 or 7am because I like going to the gym early which helps me stay active during the day. Otherwise I might just end up sleeping till 10am especially on the days when I don't have work.

Overall, I believe in sleeping early and rising up early with Fall In Love With Stylish And Comfortable Pajamas | SleepwearStyles
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Pretty much the same as all of you. Comfy clothes,.diner, journal, skincare routine based on what i read on Blogs.


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My nightly routine is just a nightmare. After work, I take off my makeup, do some stretching, and then it's like a fog. I have rules: no phone, just read a book, rest, but it doesn't work. So: take off my makeup, moisturize my skin, apply cream, read a few pages of a book, go to sleep.


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I work in night and sleep in daytime. I am a writer and I know it is unhealthy to wake up at night and sleep in daytime. But, writers do this kinda stuff, that's why my mom call me a mad girl. I take it as a compliment.

However. I drink a lot of caffeine with some scratches of paper all around, whole night.