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what is twitter like? OPINIONS


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my father will not let me have a twitter account, but said i needed some an opinions from some people. if you have twitter and know pretty much everything I'd like it if you'd reply.


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I tried using twitter but it was all too confusing to me. I'm not the kind of girl that obsesses over social media. I have a facebook but I only go on it like once a month. maybe less sometimes. I guess im odd because I've tried instagram, tumblr, twitter, facebook but there not appealing to me. :p


in my opinion the best thing of twitter is that you can " follow" real famous people who write in this social network, not fan groups as in fb. Is useful: you can read quickly a lot of tweets because they have to be very short. so I follow newspaper or tv shows account and I read their news in a short time.
the worst thing is that you can't " control" your information, photos or tweets as in fb. everybody can follow you and see everything about your twitter account, instead in fb you can choose to decline a friendship. however I'm not a " social network fan" , so this is only my opinion


I have a twitter. Well is good social network, you can follow whoever you wont including famous people. You can make your profile private so people who can see you twits are the only one who you approved. Its a place where you can say whatever is on you mide...i like it...

Molly Brown

For me, Twitter is the only social networking site that I use often. It's a fantastic way to meet new people and you can follow official accounts, so you know you can trust who is tweeting what.
It is a little complicated to use to begin with so I would suggest using a mobile device and download the app. iPods/iPhones work best for this I think. It will help you get to grips with how to use it and it has a tutorial and shows you where everything is on the mobile app. It's also become a lot more personal. You can customize a lot of things on there now, but it's best to do that via PC.
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Tweeter, the place were some post too much details. No, don't like it.
I have a twitter and have had one for a while now. I don't tweet anything becasue I don't know what to tweet but I see nothing wrong with twitter, theres no pornographic imagery, its not a bad site. i should say its the best site out of all social media because its thew least invasive in terms of personal information, with Facebook its meant to post a lot of personal information and it asks a lot of personal information its made for that twitter is just made to share things you see.


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I'll be honest. I have no idea how Twitter works. I have an account but I just don't get it. I know it's popular but for me it's just really confusing. I wish I understood it because I'd like to know what all the shouting is about. o_O


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my father will not let me have a twitter account, but said i needed some an opinions from some people. if you have twitter and know pretty much everything I'd like it if you'd reply.
I'm on Twitter, as an animal rights supporter I Tweet things up about that and Follow various individuals and organizations and groups. I use it as a personal account, not a job-related/professional one. Its good fun, easy to use! They recently updated their characters so you can type a bit more in the Post boxes which is good.


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I don't know everything :D but I know it's annoying to keep running out of space when I want to give my opinion or explain something on Twitter. I like this forum. I don't have this problem here. :)
I used to use Facebook but they blocked my account and wouldn't unblock it until I gave them my photo! Creepy.


I made a Twitter once, just to stalk this other girl.
Nah, Facebook is a better social platform. Twitter is like, "Oh, I share pictures but not so much anything else."