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What is the one makeup item you absolutely must have?


What is the one makeup item you absolutely positively must have? Mine is lipstick or lip gloss I feel like a look like a ghost without it because I am kind of pale.
Pressed powder, translucent. I have very a very uneven skin tone and some blemishes and so even if I forego everything else I need my powder on.


I must wear foundation and pressed powder. I feel naked without it and I must wear eyeliner and eye shadow. It's weird but I don't feel good without it.


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I would have to say mascara! My eyelashes are a bit light without it and I feel like my eyes are naked.
You know, I can't cope with anything but clear mascara. Its stupid I know but I can see my eye lashes when I've darker colours on and it drives me nuts.
I must have under eye concealer, as I have very dark shadows. I love Benefit's concealers. They may be pricey, but for me they really do a good job at covering up my shadows.


Does it have to be ONE make-up tool only? My two must have make-up items are: kohl and concealer. I can survive without the rest


Ok...Im not a big fan of make-up, but I think these are totally a must-have:
> Lip-gloss
> Lip Balm
> Face powder

Lip-balms can keep lips super-soft and keep them from getting dry....:)
If I had to choose only one, I would have to say my eyeliner. That's one that I use all the time as it really brings out my eyes. I'd hate to have to lose my mascara and pressed powder though.


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Definitely either concealer or eyeliner, it would be hard to choose which one if I could only pick one!


black eyeliner, i love it and it makes me pretty for a change. and also lip balm cause my lips get dry easily.


Lip gloss or Vaseline is a definite must for me, I lips feel so dry and weird without it, I even wear Vaseline on my lips when I am going to bed each night.
One word - Eye liner.
Without eyeliner girl's eyes could look so terrible and out of position. I mean,when we cry ,our eyes get swollen up and if we apply eye liner,it doesnt look we cried. It's always neccassary to carry an Eye liner. Other things that you should carry is lip gel.Especially in winter,you dont want to look like Zombie who has eaten dozens of flesh,right?

Thanks to my mom ,Who taught me the Eyeliner trick x]