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What do you wear when it's freezing outside?


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I wear a wind-jacket that's lined:
it keeps me toasty warm because there is elastic in the sleeve-cuffs and
I can even tie the top (around the collar) and
the bottom (around the waist) so no wind gets under the jacket.
It also has a hood that I can wear (and I can tie it around my face) to keep my ears and my head warm.

If my legs could get cold, I wear two pairs of panty-hose.

My hands can ache with the cold so I put them in my pockets as soon as I go outside (as they're already warm from being inside). That way they stay warm. I would wear gloves but sometimes I need to hold a piece of paper or do something that gloves/mittens would make it difficult to do.


I wear my nice hooded fur jacket with some black leggings which has fluff inside the legs for cold winter days and my trainers
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