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What do you think of this guy? Need help asap


New Member
I really like this guy (Troy Robinson) he is a rapper by the name of Icynesse and 24 years old.. his music amazing but I just don't know how to approach a guy like this..Any tips?? I want to make him mine but I don't want to be seen as just a fan of his music .. Also what would you rate this guy from 1-10? (Instagram: @Icynesse)


Hannah Grace
He looks like an outlaw and a thug to me dear
he could look like anything but you cannot judge someone based off of that. I think if he looks as you say 'a thug' and he is a sweetheart who treats her great then so be it but there could be a classical and well dressed looking guy who is completely rude as hell.
you shouldn't judge based off looks.
if he is nice and treats you well go for it


Hannah Grace
You should get to know him and talk to him letting him know you are interested but not being over lovey if you know what I mean.
good luck girl I hope it works out well for you.