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What do you think about guys who sagging their pants like that?


Just a figment
I'm not a fan of it. I always thought it looked absurd. Clothes that fit are always more appealing to me, and I'd rather see clothes hugging the body than have their underwear hanging out of their pants.


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They are emulating criminals who have their belts taken away. They have only to wait a few years and they will be criminals too.


Ew gross. Guys who dress like that look like bums. If they want to show off their physique that isn't the way to do it. It's not the same as it is with girls, who can show a little skin to good effect. Guys have a different set of standards that work in different ways. And wearing their pants like that ain't one of those ways!
Men look better when they dress decently. If they want to show something off, get some tighter jeans on so I can see the shape of that butt! LOL:D


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Guys who wear like that only want to show it off to everyone... It isn't bad, it's just not what most girls are really into...