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What do you prefer to wear?

Do you prefer wearing a dress? Or are you like me? I make it simple but still look great in it. My go to choice are Jeans along with a white t-shirt and top it off with a gold watch.
For work I prefer a suit, pencil skirt and jacket and blouse. Then I can take the jacket off if I get too warm. For casual, I prefer a simple dress specially a shirt waist dress and at night of course, my slinkyist. Jeans and T shirt, definately at home.
I love to wear a suit to work. It looks neat and stylish. It does get a tad too warm but good thing is that I can remove it anytime. T-shirt and shorts for home use.


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I have an odd style of clothing I’m told. So I mostly love wearing Hoodies almost all the time even if it’s 99 degrees outside and people call me crazy and I don’t really care because I am crazy! I love wearing crop tops, hoodies, shorts, jeans, and when I’m forced to, dresses. I’m not a huge fan of them but who cares right? So basically I m wearing the clothes of my choice not according to season... :)

sandy brady

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Am either in jeans and a jumper or skirts and a top. No in between lol .
Some days i feel like i want to be extra cute and go for girly skirts etc. Other days am like " urgh, work, jeans, shirt" lol


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I prefer to wear dresses, but lately, I've been wearing jeans more often. In addition, with each new season, the sporty style of clothing becomes more and more trendy.


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Definitely love dress. I like something sexy, lace shaper, backless skirt, stockings etc. I have lots nebility lace bodysuit, of course I won't dress them when work.