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What do u think


Just a figment
I've never been into video games because I absolutely SUCK at them! I get frustrated and it brings out all the worst in me. My friends often drag me into playing with them but as a rule they're not really my thing. :oops:


Very nightly
Video games are great! I don't play too many console games myself, but I'm a big fan of Pokemon. There are also some PC games that I enjoy, they're such a neat way to spend time with a friend who lives far away.


I almost never play them. I don't have any interest and would rather do something physically active with my spare time.


New Member
I recently became obsessed with gaming haha! Are there any girls out there who game too?
I enjoy playing PUBG, Fortnite and Path of Exile currently, would love to have more intro to different games :)


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I never play actual games (you know ones that take time!) but sometimes I play phone games like Disney Crossy Road and Candy Crush saga, it's way tooo addictive though for my own good and I don't like to get carried away.


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Play games now a days very common in kids and youngsters.

I don't like play games in mobile, lapy and other.

i play cricket with friends, journey, movies and a lot other activity with friends