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What do guys really want?


Electric Vibe
I started dating this guy about 2 months ago. He seemed to really like me and things moved pretty quickly. That being said its been 2 months now of talkig everyday and hes never once brought up "what we are" does that matter? Should I care or should I just keep playing it cool. I just dont know how long I'd want to "Play it cool"



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Two months in the building of a relationship is nothing. You are just friends. Take it easy, let things develop if they are going too. Don't be impatient. Enjoy your budding relationship.


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Well I don't think you're JUST friends, I have to disagree with Rhonda. A lot of people don't think a relationship needs to be asked for or needs to be confirmed.
What I mean by that is that some people do not think it's necessary to ask 'do you want to be my boy/girlfriend' or 'we're in a relationship now'. Because they think it's clear that you guys are serious.
I had this with a few guys, I wasn't sure about what we exactly were and eventually I just asked them. If you want to know where you stand... just ASK! that's really the easiest way to find out. It probably makes you nervous, but at the end of the day you will know where you stand.
Guys are simple creatures so he probably thinks you know because he knows. Happens a lot hahaha..

I hope everything turns or turned out fine!!


who is responsible for what you are feeling?
Open and honest communication is important, if something matters to you, you should be able and feel comfortable to talk about it with the guy.


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Just enjoy what you have and stop wondering what you are. You are a couple who just started dating, who is getting to know each other. Don't stress yourself or you will be one of those clingy women that men don't like.