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What are your favorite clothes to wear at the moment


I've been really addicted to sweatsuits (as I'm sure we all are LOL). They are the most comfortable thing! I'm really hoping they don't go out of style once COVID and quarantine are over, they are the best!

Its currently snowing outside my window right now! Feeling super cozy in my sweatsuit right now tbh:D


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without question my super cute tie-dyed warm fluffy lounge set!!! i am living in lounge wear as well and this is definitely my favorite set!


Love sport and comfy
Loving the sweatshirt from the brand of sundeaa. Their stuff are soft and comfy which make me feel amazing because of their affordable price.


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Summer is nearly back again and so Is the warm weather so a cute crop top( not too cropped) and a nice pair of shorts


I recently started wearing leggings instead of jeans as its too hot and humid to wear jeans. And guess what? I fell in love with those leggings. I mean,they are really very comfortable,soft and easy to maintain(obviously cheaper than pair of jeans).


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I Just love to wear tank tops and cotton-made fabric tops.... I feel extremely comfortable in it.


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I used to be embarrassed that with the start of quarantine I was working at home, and I stopped choosing clothes. For me the most important thing is to be comfortable, I don't like new things. I used to work in my pajamas, but I realized that then I couldn't concentrate on my work.


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During quarantine i did a lot of shopping online. I change my wardrobe and my style to look more chic and expensive. I read lots of blogs to find inspiration and pinterest helped me a lot. So it was for me blazers. Dont sound comfy but it made me feel like a girl boss lol