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What Are Some Things I Can Do To Stop My Mom From Being Judgmental

Hello Everyone, I'm Val 19 years old, I'm African-American and also latina but in my family we identify as African-American.. she doesn't like her Latino Side, so anyway, my bf is 26 which is Legal Obviously (Also Hispanic), he's gorgeous he's nice, shy and has a good personality to him i've only known him for 3 months almost 4 January is ending soon and before you guys know it, it will be Valentine's Day so excited about it, unfortunately i live with her and my 2 brothers and they all treat me like crap i don't like my family at all... too loud also ... i really want to see my boyfriend again, his name is Jon,(Not His Real Name) and my brother scared him away , we met at a restaurant and then we went to my place he kept asking me and eventually i let him , and that's when my mom notified me i should leave. the both of us. i cried and i didn't say nothing to my brother we haven't spoke in 5 years( younger) he smokes and blasts his annoying music when i am home its so annoying nobody can tell him to turn it down,. the reason why i say my mom is judgmental is because she thinks that hispanics are dumb, illegal and rape and it's not true, i told her don't believe what our president says. i never seen racism like that before ever sometimes i threaten her with violence because she won't shut up.. anyways how can i tell her to stop being so hateful towards him when she never met him... we had intercourse once.. my mom doesn't know we talk on whatsapp everyday


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I think it's very difficult to change a person's mind-set when they're prejudiced.
You could introduce your boyfriend to your mom but if she's already judged him before she's even met him, anything good that he says or does may not change her mind.

I'd try to avoid being with your mom and brothers. Maybe you could move in with your boyfriend.
And if your family doesn't like him, it won't matter because you won't be hanging out with them.
(I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day with your boyfriend.)