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What Are Some Things I Can Do To Stop My Mom From Being Judgmental

Hello Everyone, I'm Val 19 years old, I'm African-American and also latina but in my family we identify as African-American.. she doesn't like her Latino Side, so anyway, my bf is 26 which is Legal Obviously (Also Hispanic), he's gorgeous he's nice, shy and has a good personality to him i've only known him for 3 months almost 4 January is ending soon and before you guys know it, it will be Valentine's Day so excited about it, unfortunately i live with her and my 2 brothers and they all treat me like crap i don't like my family at all... too loud also ... i really want to see my boyfriend again, his name is Jon,(Not His Real Name) and my brother scared him away , we met at a restaurant and then we went to my place he kept asking me and eventually i let him , and that's when my mom notified me i should leave. the both of us. i cried and i didn't say nothing to my brother we haven't spoke in 5 years( younger) he smokes and blasts his annoying music when i am home its so annoying nobody can tell him to turn it down,. the reason why i say my mom is judgmental is because she thinks that hispanics are dumb, illegal and rape and it's not true, i told her don't believe what our president says. i never seen racism like that before ever sometimes i threaten her with violence because she won't shut up.. anyways how can i tell her to stop being so hateful towards him when she never met him... we had intercourse once.. my mom doesn't know we talk on whatsapp everyday