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What are some of your personal fashion rules?

I feel like most people have some for their own personal style, and I want to hear what yours are!

For example, I never wear monochromatic outfits. I love color too much and compulsively throw in either colorful jewelry or shoes.

I always wear earrings. Always, with every outfit, even around the house in my sweats sometimes :)

I always have at least one neutral color in an outfit to balance out the bold colors and prints that I love wearing.

What are some of your own personal style rules?


Very nightly
I'm not the most fashionable (far from it actually) person in existence so the only rule that comes to mind right now is "no stripes with plaid". :D
i put on lipstick and brush hair as soon as awake. love being naked in private places. mostly wear shorts and t shirts only. hate footwear always barefoot when possible. mini skirt, very high heels (20cm) and low cut blouses for dress up occasions


Just a figment
I go conservative on hair and makeup as a rule. I like to wear bright colors when they're not too outrageous and I like retro clothes that I can restyle by myself to have a personal twist. I don't wear much jewelry and I have no piercings, not even my ears. No tattoos either.
Buy what you want, wear it when you want and don't let anyone get u down! Be positive what u wear and dont do what other people want. And put natural makeup look to school because you dont have to impress anyone else then yourself.


Staff member
I wear mostly business suits favoring skirts over pants except when I have to crawl over construction debris. Mostly monochrome and earth colors- relieved with dangly earrings, and relying heavily on the LDB for going out. Shoes are my passion and I have a large collection. I'm not vary adventurous when it comes to hairstyle. I've had the same short bob for many years- although now it requires a bit of color. I do enjoy makeup and that too requires a little more expertise these days. But then too, you girls will find all that out on your own.
For me, fashion is about being comfortable in what you carry. Usually, I go for pastel shades clothes along with minimum accessories complementing flat-heeled sandals.